Thurdsay, 9th of February 2017                                                                   Athens, Greece

PREDICTA S.A. proudly sponsored the 6th Annual Conference of the Hellenic CIO Forum on the 9th February 2017. The event was carried out by the Greek Management Association, Information & Communication Institute and demonstrated the role of CIO in a Disruptive Environment.

Many senior information technology executives presented ideas and practices in the area of analytics and argued that Big Data technology is the glue to any organization and its best accelerant to growth.

The discussion focused on how the market complexity and the evolution of information technologies have created a new ecosystem and how every company should identify, create and generate high quality data to enhance business decisions to achieve a better understanding of the market.

The volumes of data that are collected nowadays are enormous, however the majority of that data is unstructured information. The need to analyze all this information in the fastest way possible, leads businesses to actively engage with Advanced Analytics solutions and employ Big Data management to become productive and meet the specifications required.

Big data and analytics are more than just buzzwords; companies need to think about whether they’re following the market’s best practices, hiring the suitable talent for their needs and how they can get what they want from their data.

Naturally, it requires a change of culture as well as the integration of new processes and practices in the business operations. The challenge is to follow the new wave, adapt to the new reality so as not to be static and overtaken by other companies that will invest in analytics solutions and will finally construct a competitive business strategy.

The key outcome of the day was that CIOs can play a significant role in the implementation of Big Data initiatives. CIOs need to step forward and take the lead in helping their organization to focus on the needs of the enterprise.