Wednesday, 5th of April 2017                                                                      Athens, Greece

We are happy to report that our Annual review and 2017 strategy event on Wednesday, 5 April 2017 was carried out with great success and was well received by our guests and clients alike! The Privé Hall at Aegli Zappiou, located close to the beautiful national gardens, was the perfect setting on a bright and sunny day – ideal for a business gathering and planning of future ventures.

Along with our partners and clients, Philipos Paschentis – the Deputy Managing Director of PREDICTA – presented our big data analytics vision and our upcoming initiatives that will lead us and our clients into the new era of advanced analytics.

We were excited to hear from our strategic partners, QIVOS and DATALYNX, who shared their stories and insights on how the application of analytics in all aspects of the business (ecommerce, client liaison, distribution, etc.) transformed their businesses and delivered game changing results for their clients.

Our clients, EUROBANK and Vodafone, also advocated the value of analytics for businesses, by sharing their text mining initiatives and the almost 20 years’ experience with data mining & advanced analytics respectively.

Overall the day was coloured by the participation of a diverse group of guests, with professionals joining from enterprises, banks, insurance companies, institutional partners, consultancies and IT suppliers, who shared their viewpoints and helped shape the conversation about the future of analytics and the importance of data in the business journey to success.