Wednesday, 28th of June 2018                                                                    Athens, Greece

We are pleased to announce PREDICTA’s participation as a SILVER sponsor to the 11th INSURANCE CONFERENCE which took place on the 28th of June at DIVANI CARAVEL.

PREDICTA hosted representatives from major insurance carriers, such as AXA, GROUPAMA, NN, INTERAMERICAN and EUROLIFE for whom she offered a round table presentation and discussion on the use of Advanced Analytics, within the conference.

Mrs. Ioanna Koutrouvis, Managing Director of PREDICTA, participated in Panel III whose theme referred to ‘The New Age of the Insurance Market’.  Mrs. Koutrouvis’ aim was to stress the various applications that Advanced Analytics have in the Insurance Industry and to demonstrate the benefits gained from such applications.

During the Round Table discussion, Mr. Philippos Paschentis, Commercial and Deputy Managing Director of PREDICTA presented PREDICTA’s profile and experience and Mr. Nikolas Konstantinidis, responsible for business development for the Insurance sector, covered the insurance company’s areas where advanced analytics and predictive modelling can contribute as game changers.

We were also pleased to have Mr. Vassilis Hampsas, Head of Customer Analytics at EUROLIFE, presenting the practical experience of an insurance company that is in the process to adopt Advanced Analytics and to transform to a Data-Driven Enterprise.

PREDICTA’s and EUROLIFE’s presentations triggered a very interesting discussion among the participants, out of which one of the main highlights was the importance of top management commitment towards the adoption of Advanced Analytics.

Mr. Philippos Paschentis described PREDICTA’s role as the strategic partner for their clients, in their journey of weaving advanced analytics into their operations.  Within such partnership ‘state of the art’ methodologies are adopted, the necessary knowledge transfer is achieved and analytics tasks are allocated optimally between the internal and external teams of analysts.