Sales Funnel Analytical Solution (SFAS)

Sales Funnel Analytical Solution (SFAS) Optimizing your Sales process Watch ‘Sales Process Optimization and accurate Sales Forecasting’ to find outhow we’ve helped a telecommunication provider, towards that end!


Training One of the main goals within the process of our organizational growth and development, is continuous learning and training of new skills for our team. An essential process in order to remain competitive in a constantly changing environment. Members…


PREDICTA FOR WELLNESS Aiming to realize the Ancient Greek proverb ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’, we have established a collaboration with the athletic center ALTERLIFE, at ORBIT, Kifisias 115, which is five minutes away from our offices. We offer…


PREDICTA’s AUTUMN GETAWAY On Sunday, the 2nd of October 2022, PREDICTA’s team enjoyed a daily excursion in Peloponnese at the ‘ΓΗ & ΥΔΩΡ’ activity resort on Ladonas river near the village of Daphne. Through a variety of activities in the…


‘LEND A HAND’ PREDICTA in collaboration with VEESION sponsored the publication of a children’s book under the title ‘LEND A HAND’, whose theme highlights the positive impact of handicapped members of the society! The presentation of the book’s Greek version…

Next Best Product Analytical solution (NBP)

Next Best Product Analytical solution (NBP) Advanced analytics can help you uncover the next product each of your customers is likely to need and buy Watch ‘Next Best Product’ to find out more!