We encounter Professional Services engagements remaining consistent to our ultimate goal, namely the delivery of Actionable Analytics applications, as the sole route to Customer Success. Though easily communicated as a target, an Actionable Analytics pallet involves a series of pre-requisites and a systems’ environment collaborative set-up, including:

  • Adequately structured, scalable and dynamically updated data environments
  • A well set and easily parametrizable Models’ and Advanced Analyses’ framework
  • Smart visualization, democratizing data insights, encouraging data-driven decision-making
  • Feeding of business operations systems, such as CRM and Marketing Automation platforms,
    Risk and Fraud Management systems, or other decision-making UIs

Following a discovery approach when engaging with our customers, we recognize business pains and needs, consider respective operation models, systems’ environments and available data, and suggest the set-up of appropriate technology stacks and analytical assets’ development. Adοpting appropriate methodological approaches and best practices, our tech-savvy Services team is comfortable with a wide variety of software technologies.

Our Consultants work closely with our Clients, bridge business and IT teams’ mindsets and needs, securing clarity for all stakeholders. Such engagements lead to a roadmap design, taking into consideration an organization’s current status, priorities, resources and targets, kicking-off project implementations with the comfort of guaranteed success.

CRM Analytics, Credit Risk, Demand/Sales Forecasting and Predictive Maintenance, are among the served fields you can explore below.


A solution delivery model combining the appropriate infrastructure and software products, with consulting, design and implementation services, as well as transfer-of-knowledge engagements, suitable for organizations targeting to gradually develop internal capacity and independency in the Data & Analytics domain.


A managed service delivery model, suiting customers wishing to harness their business data and consume produced insights, without investing in an internal capacity. Our Services team acts as the client’s consulting and data science team, accessing business practices to be served, deep-diving in data sources and reporting back with analytical results, enabling data-driven decision-making.


Analytical assets at customer level, highlighting current and future behaviour, serving areas like CRM, Risk Management, Fraud Management and more


Enabling asset and process intensive companies to make large cost savings, by efficiently managing and operating their assets’ infrustructure and optimizing their diverse sets of processes.


Collecting diverse data about citizens and understanding their needs, preferences and likely behavior, can optimize public services, enabling smart cities, identifying tax fraud, reducing crime and more.