Our Partnership with IBM Software Group

With SPSS’ technology acquisition by IBM back in 2009, we automatically became an IBM Analytics Software business partner. We are a fully certified and performance award-winning IBM Software business partner, with support and solution provision status. After a 10+ years’ partnership with IBM’s Software Group, we have extended our reselling, support and solution provision capacity to cover additional IBM Software product families in the areas of Data Engineering/Management, Reporting/Visualization and more.

IBM SPSS Modeler is a powerful Data Science platform, giving end-users the ability to handle large data sets from any source, driving high-quality results in any kind of form or output. Its toolbox is designed to integrate predictive intelligence into decisions made by individuals, groups, or systems. By providing a wide range of advanced, machine learning algorithms and techniques, SPSS Modeler enables business analysts to run end2end Analytical Data Management and Modeling tasks, while at the same time offers integration of open-source alternatives, satisfying the most demanding data scientist.

IBM SPSS Statistics is an integrated family of products that addresses the entire analytical process, from planning, to accessing, to data transformation, statistical analysis, reporting and deployment. Applying the appropriate modular synthesis, an analyst works in a single UI to run descriptive statistics, regression analysis, decision trees and more, resulting to publication ready charts and tables.

IBM SPSS Analytic Server is designed to support the analysis of unstructured or semi-structured data, the so called Big Bata. With SPSS Modeler’s graphical interface putting the power of data mining in the hands of business users, the addition of SPSS Analytic Server enables analyses combining structured and unstructured data. As a result, you can glean insights from Big Data quickly and efficiently, without complex programming packages requiring scarce expertise.

IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services offers scheduling, automation, auditing and security functionalities, covering data management and analytics processes built in SPSS or alternative toolboxes. The platform provides centralized, secure storage of analytical assets, advanced capabilities for management and control of analytical processes, as well as mechanisms for delivering analytics results to consumers.


Predictive Solutions uses world-renowned IBM SPSS components to create solutions that address the needs of users and institutions.

Based the world renowned data mining/predictive analytics environment of IBM SPSS Modeler, PS CLEMENTINE PRO’s architecture ensures flexible adjustments to organizational requirements and integration of predictive analyses with business processes and systems.

PS IMAGO PRO is a comprehensive solution, which combines IBM SPSS Statistics’ analytical engine with proprietary tools for creating reports and publishing results. From collecting and preparing data, through analysis using advanced statistical techniques, to preparing visually attractive reports, objects resulting from analyses can be placed in personalized reports and then published on the corporate website. PS IMAGO PRO is a flexible tool for creating ad hoc reports and making analysis and reporting automatic for recurrent operations.

PS QUAESTIO PRO is a comprehensive solution for data collection and analysis. It offers the user features that help manage the whole survey process with an intuitive graphical interface that gives the ability to design visually attractive survey questionnaires and forms, while providing the ability to address any surveying method (CAWI, CAPI, CATI). The collected data can be analyzed using PS IMAGO PRO, included as an analytical engine in PS QUAESTIO PRO, providing access to many data management and analytical techniques.


Enterprise marketing automation, providing precision marketing at scale.

HCL UNICA is a flexible multi-channel campaign management platform, enabling the orchestration of personalized omnichannel engagements, progress tracking and recalibration of marketing activities in real-time. UNICA offers an easy-to-use flowchart user interface to manage campaign logic, audience segmentation, exclusions and assignment of offers and channels. The platform can effortlessly scale to the billions of personalized interactions required by large organization with complex data infrastructures. Being a cloud-native, UNICA allows for automatically provisioned deployments, released with an on-demand allocation of infrastructure and minimum IT involvement.